At-a-glance: Guide to Labour 2016 conference agenda

This year’s Labour Party conference is taking place in Liverpool and could be one of the most dramatic for years. Here’s a rundown of what’s happening and some of the main highlights.

Sunday 25 September

09:00: Andrew Marr: Newly re-elected leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to appear on the BBC show and other media outlets during the morning

11:00: Conference opening: The conference will officially be opened by General Secretary Iain McNicol

12:00 Party reform: Debate on policy making in the party

14:15: Communities: Shadow energy secretary Barry Gardiner and shadow environment secretary Rachael Maskell among speakers

16:00: Scotland and Wales: Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones will address the conference

Monday 26 September

09:30: Foreign Affairs: Shadow Foreign and Brexit Secretary Emily Thornberry will address the conference

10:30: Defence: Shadow Defence Secretary Clive Lewis will speak

12:00: Economy: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will make his keynote speech

Tuesday 27 September

09:30: Public services: Shadow health secretary Diane Abbott and shadow education secretary Angela Rayner among the speakers

14:15: Tom Watson: The party’s deputy leader will make his set-piece speech

15:00: Sadiq Khan: The Mayor of London will address the conference for the first time since his election in May

Wednesday 28 September

10:30: Home Affairs: Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham, who is standing to be Mayor of Greater Manchester, will address the conference

14:15: Leader’s speech: Jeremy Corbyn will give the end-of-conference leader’s address

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